Round Block Facelift: What It Is and Why Should You Go For It?

When we begin to age, the first thing people notice is our skin. It starts to deteriorate visibly due to the loss of collagen and firmness. The more our dermal layers lose their vascularity and strength, the more our facial skin begins to sag or droop. If left unchecked, it might lead to skin that looks dull, with wrinkles and fine lines. However, you need to realize something – when the skin ages, it’s not just the skin that ages; the skeletal system loses its firmness as well. The skeletal structure under the skin begins to loosen and shrink, and this results in the face taking on a concerned or downward-looking appearance. The loss of volume in the fact after ageing is most visible near the jawline, the cheekbones, and the temples. Thankfully, there is a way to work around this problem – a round block facelift surgery. This surgery not only lifts the lower part of your face, but also imparts a youthful and fresher appearance to your facial structure.

Can You Opt for This Surgery?

Ageing actually begins quietly slowly, with just a couple wrinkles visible. But as time passes, facial ageing becomes more pronounced. The question is, when should you opt for this surgery? When you start noticing changes in your appearance and the way your lower face looks, you should consider road block facelift. However, you need to consult your plastic surgeon before you opt for the treatment.

Clear Benefits

The round block facelift does not require any sort of local flaps or skin grafts. This sometimes reduces the time of the procedure and enhances the time of healing. The sutures can be hidden behind the ear or in the hairline to prevent any sort of scarring. Round block sutures make it easier to carry out surgical adjustments. Complications involving wound breakdown are low in this surgery.